Renal conditions we treat

At the Liver and Renal Centre, our experts assess, diagnose and treat a comprehensive range of renal disorders, including chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury.

Reviewed by Dr Andrew Palmer, Consultant Nephrologist

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What is chronic kidney disease?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a long-term condition that affects the function of your kidneys. When your kidneys fail to function properly, waste products and excess fluid build-up in the body and make you unwell. 

Treatment for chronic kidney disease depends on what stage you’re at and the cause. Early-stage disease can be managed with lifestyle changes and medicine, while end-stage disease requires treatments like dialysis and kidney transplantation.  

Renal conditions we treat

At the Liver and Renal Centre, we have the knowledge and resources to treat a comprehensive range of renal conditions. 

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Our world-class consultant nephrologists and surgeons are experts in the assessment, diagnosis and management of renal disorders.

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