Urology is a medical specialty covering the diagnosis and treatment of your urinary tract conditions including the kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra, as well as male genital conditions.

About our urology clinic

Our private urologists at Cromwell Hospital and Basinghall Clinic treat a variety of urology conditions, including:

Female genital tract problems are seen by a gynaecologist.

Why choose us for urology?

If you choose Cromwell Hospital and Basinghall Clinic for urology, you can expect:

  • your care to be led by expert urologists with specialised experience in all aspects of urinary tract, male genital conditions and bladder conditions
  • specialist diagnostics including multiparametric (mp) prostate MRI, bladder scanning and flow rate measurements

At Cromwell Hospital specifically, you can expect:

  • a streamlined prostate care diagnostic pathway
  • biopsies including transperineal MRI fusion targeted prostate biopsy
  • multidisciplinary cancer care on-site in the event of a cancer diagnosis
  • advanced technology to help ensure a swift diagnosis and the best treatment options

Our urologists

Our private urologists have trained at London's top teaching hospitals. Leaders in the field, they work together to provide optimum care for you.

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