Bariatric and weight loss service

A comprehensive bariatric service offering surgical and non-surgical options for safe, sustainable weight loss. 

What is bariatric treatment?

At Cromwell Hospital, we know that following a diet or exercise regime isn’t always an effective or long-term method for losing weight and keeping it off.   

We offer a range of different expert-led bariatric options to support patients to lose weight safely and improve your quality of life.  

Our team of specialists provide multidisciplinary support, including lifestyle, pharmaceutical, endoscopic, and surgical options for weight loss.  

Bariatric treatments

If you are looking to lose weight, our consultant bariatric surgeons will discuss your options with you and let you know what treatment is right for you.  

We offer several treatments, including non-surgical bariatric treatments and weight loss surgery. Non-surgical treatments include Allurion and Orbera gastric balloons, and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

All bariatric procedures are carried out using keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery as well as robotic surgery. 

The Allurion Balloon (formerly known as Elipse) is a swallowable gastric balloon that requires no surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia.

When the balloon is swallowed and placed correctly in your gut, it helps to reduce your food intake by taking up space in the stomach and preventing you from feeling hungry.

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An endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG)  is an innovative non-surgical bariatric procedure performed with the aid of an endoscopic suturing device. It reduces the size of the stomach to help patients to lose weight.

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The Orbera gastric balloon is one of the most widely used non-surgical approaches for helping people to lose weight.

The gastric balloon is passed through your throat and placed in your stomach during a quick, non-surgical procedure – meaning no incisions, stitches or scars.

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Gastric bypass surgery involves reducing the size of your stomach and bypassing your lower stomach and part of your intestine. This makes you feel fuller and suppresses your appetite.

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A gastric band is an inflatable silicone band, which is placed around the top of your stomach. It works by slowing down how quickly food moves into your stomach, making you feel full earlier.

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A sleeve gastrectomy is a form of bariatric of bariatric surgery, which involves removing most of the stomach and converting the rest into a long thin tube. This restricts the amount of food you can eat, and means you feel fuller sooner.

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