A mastectomy is an operation to remove a breast, and is an effective treatment for breast cancer. There are different types of mastectomy. During a radical mastectomy, the entire breast is removed, as well as the lymph nodes in the armpit. The aim is to remove any cancerous tissues from your breast and surrounding areas, preventing the cancer from returning or spreading.  

Who is suitable for a mastectomy?

Your breast consultant may recommend a mastectomy if: 

  • cancer is found in a large area of your breast; and 
  • there are signs that the cancer has spread to your chest muscles or lymph nodes.  

There are alternative and less extensive types of mastectomy, which can be as effective and cause fewer side effects. Your breast consultant will discuss your different treatment options with you.  

What does a mastectomy involve? ​

A radical mastectomy usually takes about 90 minutes. During the operation, you will be under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will completely remove the breast, the overlying skin, the muscles beneath the breast, and the lymph nodes. Sometimes breast reconstruction surgery is done at the same time.  

What can you do to prepare for a radical mastectomy?

Ahead of your operation, your breast consultant will discuss your treatment options, the advantages and disadvantages of a radical mastectomy, and your options for breast reconstruction. They will also talk to you about your recovery, and the possible physical and emotional effects of this type of surgery.  

What is the recovery period?

A radical mastectomy is a major operation. You will need to be cared for in hospital for up to four nights. When you are ready to return home, your consultant or specialist nurse will let you know how to manage your recovery. Typically, it can take up to eight weeks before you can return to your normal activities, including work. It may be a few months before your arm and chest area fully recover. 

Self-pay package

As well as working with all major insurance companies, we also welcome patients who wish to pay for themselves.

Below is an outline of our self-pay hospital package which includes tests, hospital stay and procedure. Please note: it does not include consultant fees, which may vary.   

Hospital package from £8,175 (four nights) 

Indicative consultant fees from £675 

  • Standard pre-admission tests, including electrocardiogram (ECG) and chest X-ray 
  • Accommodation in a private en-suite room for up to four nights  
  • All meals  
  • Nursing 
  • Ward medications and dressings 
  • Theatre procedure and anesthetics 
  • Inpatient physiotherapy, if needed, and surgical stockings 
  • Post-op and discharge medication 
  • Consultant consultation fee  
  • Consultant procedure fee  
  • Anesthetist fee 
  • Non-standard diagnostic and histology tests 
  • Any additional costs not specified in the package inclusions  


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