Cardiothoracic surgery

At our Heart and Lung Centre, we provide cardiothoracic surgery for patients that require more complex treatment for their condition.

Why choose us for cardiothoracic surgery?

What is cardiothoracic surgery?

Cardiothoracic surgery is performed on the organs within your thoracic (chest) cavity, such as the heart and lungs. Some surgeons choose to specialise in either cardiac surgery or thoracic surgery, but many perform both types.

Cardiothoracic surgery exists closely alongside cardiology and respiratory medicine. You may initially visit a consultant in one of these departments but be referred to cardiothoracic surgery if your condition requires more invasive treatment.

Our expert cardiothoracic team

Alongside our world-class cardiothoracic surgeons – including cardiothoracic surgeons from across the UK and London – we have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals ready to assist with your surgery and recovery, including cardiac anaesthetists, clinical nurse specialists (CNS), an intensive care team, physiotherapists, dietitians and more.

Our cardiothoracic surgeons and supporting clinical staff hold regular multidisciplinary meetings to discuss patient cases and appropriate treatment plans, ensuring the best health outcomes possible.

Cardiothoracic conditions we treat

We treat a broad spectrum of conditions affecting organs within the chest, including cancer, heart disease, valvular disease, pleural disease, and more.

Not all heart and lung conditions will require surgical treatment – many can be treated using medication or minimally invasive procedures. You will only be offered cardiothoracic surgery if your condition requires more complex treatment.

Surgical diagnostic tests

You are likely to have any non-invasive or minimally invasive diagnostic tests within our cardiology or respiratory departments before being referred to cardiothoracic surgery.

Depending on the type and severity of your symptoms, you may be required to have a surgical diagnostic procedure, such as a biopsy or angiogram. Invasive procedures are carried out by our specialist team at Cromwell Hospital.

Cardiothoracic surgeries we offer

With a distinguished team of cardiothoracic surgeons, including experts from London, we are one of few private hospitals in the UK to provide cardiothoracic surgery using minimally invasive (keyhole) techniques, including video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) and minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafts. The potential benefits of these innovative approaches, overseen by our skilled cardiothoracic surgeons in London, include faster recovery times and reduced scarring.

We also perform traditional open-heart surgeries, as well as robotically assisted surgeries.

Why choose us for cardiothoracic surgery?

At Cromwell Hospital, we offer world-class cardiothoracic surgical care in the heart of London. Our team of highly skilled cardiothoracic surgeons are experts in their field, with extensive experience performing a wide range of procedures, from routine operations to complex surgeries. As one of the leading cardiothoracic surgery centres in the UK, we attract patients from all over the country and abroad.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and leading-edge technology ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. Our cardiothoracic
surgeons are dedicated to providing personalised care and will work closely with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

We are passionate about delivering exceptional patient outcomes and aim to make your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you're looking for a cardiothoracic surgeon in London or the UK, our friendly Appointments team would be happy to assist you further.

Private cardiothoracic surgeons in London

Based in South Kensington, our highly experienced team of cardiothoracic surgeons are experts in carrying out complex surgeries on the heart and lungs.

Paying for your treatment

We welcome both self-paying and insured patients.

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