Patients and visitors / Your child as a patient

Visiting a child

We allow visiting at all times, depending on your child’s condition.

However, we do need to have a quieter atmosphere by 8pm so the children can settle for sleep. We ask that only immediate family stay beyond this time.

Child safety is very important to us, so visitors will need to get a visitor pass from the main reception desk. If any children are visiting, please make sure that they are accompanied by an adult at all times.

A folding bed is provided so that one parent can stay overnight in the room with your child.

If any visitors are unwell, please do not bring them to the ward.

Looking after you

When your child is in hospital, it affects the whole family. We want to look after you too by providing a supportive environment and by keeping you involved in your child’s care.

Remember to take breaks and to look after yourself. This will help you better support your child. Getting involved with your child’s care will also help.

Feel free to help shower or bathe, feed, cuddle, and play with your child on the ward. You’re also welcome to go with them for medical procedures, tests, or treatments.

Please speak to your child's nurse about how much you want to be involved.

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