Patients and visitors / Your child as a patient

Your child's treatment

Before your arrival

Your appointment letter will tell you what time you need to arrive at the hospital.

Please remember to follow any special instructions that your child may have been given, such as fasting or stopping any medicines.

If your child is having general anaesthetic or an MRI scan, please make sure they do not eat anything or drink milk for six hours beforehand.

Your child can drink clear fluids (water or diluted squash) for up to one hour before surgery or a scan.

If your child is unwell or has a temperature above 38 degrees, please call the ward on +44 (0)20 7460 5991. They will advise whether your child should come into hospital.

What to bring to hospital

Here's what you're likely to need:

  • any prescribed or non-prescribed medicines your child is taking, in their original containers
  • copies of relevant medical information, such as medical records, X-rays, or scans
  • your insurance or sponsor details, such as a pre-authorisation number or letter of guarantee
  • a special toy or comforter (or even your child's duvet cover, blanket, or pillowcase) to help them feel more at home.
  • toiletries – we provide towels, soap, shower gel, and shampoo
  • nightwear, dressing gown, slippers, and loose clothing to wear during the day

If you have a young child or baby, please bring in your usual milk formula, bottles, and own breast pump if required.

We have short-term sterilising solutions, but for a longer stay please bring your steriliser with you. 

On your arrival

Please go to the main reception desk on arrival and register with our admissions team.

You’ll be met by one of our Skyline team, who will take you to our safe and secure ward – access is by video entry system. They will introduce you to the nurse taking care of your child.

The nurse will carry out a full assessment. This includes taking medical history and doing routine measurements and tests.

Your child’s nurse will give them two wristbands which are to be worn on their wrists or ankles at all times. This is extremely important, as your child’s dedicated team refer to the wristband before they carry out any examination, procedure, or give medication.

For your child's safety, tell the nurse about any allergies, medicines, or dietary supplements that your child may be taking.

Preparing for theatre

Nursing staff will make sure your child fasts before the procedure. Your child won't need to wear a theatre gown, but they should wear one layer of loose-fitting clothes for safety and comfort.

You are very welcome to stay with your child as they prepare to go to theatre and are given an anaesthetic.

Your child’s consultant will give you a specific time for the surgery or MRI scan. However, as some consultants may be treating three or four children in one day, the time of your child’s surgery may change.

We will always do our best to keep you informed about what is happening and why.

After the procedure

After your child has had their procedure, a nurse will take you to the recovery area and back to your child’s room when they’re ready.

The consultant and nursing team will discuss how the procedure has gone with you, and what you can expect to happen next.

Your child may need to spend time recovering in their room, where they will be well-cared for by specialist nurses and support staff.

There may be a follow-up consultation with your consultant, and your child may need a programme of physiotherapy or occupational therapy, as required.

Otherwise, they will be able to leave the hospital when their consultant feels they are ready. The pharmacy will prepare any medicines or other items you need to take home.

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