Our expert liver team

Our consultant hepatologists are experts at assessing, diagnosing and treating even the most complex liver conditions.

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Our multidisciplinary approach

Our multidisciplinary team meets regularly to discuss the best approach to complex cases, including patients with cancer or chronic conditions. These meetings are attended by a broad range of medical experts, including specialised surgeons, hepatologists, radiologists, oncologists, histopathologists, gastroenterologists and other healthcare professionals. Liver specialists are available at our London hospital, where we offer private liver scans.

Our hospital is unique within the private sector for the clinical diversity and quantity of specialists it employs, which allows our hepatology patients to benefit from the finest, most informed treatment plans.

Our consultant hepatologists

Our hepatologists and hepatobiliary surgeons assess, diagnose and treat conditions relating to the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and pancreas. All are highly experienced, having trained at the UK’s leading NHS teaching hospitals. Collectively they deliver innovative and state-of-the-art treatment for liver conditions, including robotic surgery.

Our transplant surgeons

Liver transplant procedures are carried out by world-renowned surgeons Mr Wayel Jassem and Professor Nigel Heaton, who are both Consultant Surgeons at King's College Hospital NHS Trust.

Mr Jassem trained in General Surgery at the University of Ancona, Italy; in Kidney Transplantation at the Nuffield Department of Surgery, Oxford University; and in Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery at King's College Hospital.

Professor Heaton qualified as a doctor at King's College Hospital, before training as a General Surgeon with a special interest in adult and paediatric liver disease. 

Our supporting team

Our consultant hepatologists and hepatobiliary surgeons deliver world-leading care with the support of our dedicated clinical staff.

Paying for your treatment

We welcome both self-paying and insured patients.

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