Our expert cancer care team

Our advanced clinical team are at the forefront of cancer knowledge, diagnostics, and treatment.

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Our multidisciplinary cancer team

Although each patient will have a lead oncology consultant throughout their journey, they’ll also benefit from our multidisciplinary approach to care.

Bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience in cancer care, our multidisciplinary team (MDT) delivers the most informed treatment plans for our patients. Our expert panel includes oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, haematologists and allied health professionals, including clinical nurse specialists, physiotherapists, and dietitians.

Cancer consultants

Cromwell Hospital is home to some of UK’s best oncologists, with experts available in all types of cancer. With access to state-of-the-art facilities and leading technology, our consultants deliver the latest cancer treatments with the assistance of our supporting clinical nurses, physiotherapists, and cancer counsellors.

Our cancer team

Alongside our consultant oncologists, our cancer services are delivered by an incredible team of supporting medical experts.

Our cancer partnerships

Cromwell Hospital is proud to have partnered with GenesisCare, Europe’s leading provider of advanced radiotherapy.

GenesisCare takes a patient-centred approach to treatment, using minimally invasive techniques and complementary therapies to deliver the very best in cancer care. Our facility houses world-leading technology that can treat many types of cancer, including the Gamma Knife Icon, Varian Edge and MRIdian machines. 

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Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Clinic

At Cromwell Hospital, we are proud to have established the first private survivorship clinic for patients with head and neck cancer. The clinic was founded in recognition of the fact that patients with this type of cancer often experience side effects that impact their quality of life. 

The survivorship clinic includes speech therapy, physiotherapy, dietetics, oral medicine and surgery. The clinic also allows us to closely monitor a patient’s condition, as well as manage side effects like dry mouth, fibrosis after radiotherapy, dental issues and more.

Private oncologists in London

Our consultant oncologists are some of the most sought-after in the UK, having trained at the most respected NHS teaching hospitals.

Medical oncologists are specialists in the use of drug-based treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy.

Like medical oncologists, clinical oncologists use drug-based treatments for cancer. However, they also use treatments like radiotherapy for a combined approach.

Surgical oncologists treat cancer using surgical interventions, such as tumour removal. Surgical oncologists are general surgeons who have completed specialist training in cancer and cancerous growths.

You may find oncologists titled according to the area of medicine they specialise in – for example, gynaecologic oncologists or urologic oncologists.

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